Why is Haberfield Rowers Club undergoing changes?

Haberfield Rowers Club & Restaurant is transitioning to the new operational management of Dedes Waterfront Group to enhance the overall experience for our members and guests. This change is part of our continued efforts to provide the best services and offerings.

The venue will recommence trading from Wednesday 24 January 2024 as “Regatta on the Bay”.

Will the club be closed during this transition?        

We will be operating under our standard hours until 5pm, Sunday 24 December 2023. There will be a four-week closure until Wednesday 24 January 2024 to ensure a smooth transition and to make necessary preparations for the new management.

Who is Dedes Waterfront Group?

Dedes Waterfront Group is known for their impeccable service and food. They are a family-run business who’ve been in the industry for 30 years. Learn more about Dedes Waterfront Group via their website.

Can I make a booking for after Sunday 24 December 2023?

We’re not currently accepting any new bookings for dates after 5pm, Sunday 24 December 2023.

I have an event booking at Haberfield Rowers Club before Sunday 24 December 2023. Will my booking be impacted?

No, there will be no impact to your existing booking. As an existing client, we’ll keep you updated via email.

I’m part of a club or group that meets regularly at Haberfield Rowers Club. What should we do during the closure?  

We recommend looking for an alternative venue for your regular meetings. Dedes Waterfront Group operate a number of venues and would be pleased to assist, please email Regatta On The Bay: [email protected]

Will there be any changes to my club membership during this transition?

Your membership with Haberfield Rowers Club remains valid. We’ll communicate any changes or updates about your membership directly.

Can I get a refund on my club membership?

At this stage, your membership with Haberfield Rowers Club remains valid and is not eligible for refunds under the existing terms.

Who can I contact for more information or if I have a specific query?

Please email Regatta On The Bay: [email protected]

Will there be any changes to the club’s facilities and services after the transition?

Our primary goal is to enhance the experience for our members and guests. While we anticipate some positive changes and upgrades, specific details will be shared closer to our reopening date.

Are there plans for renovations or physical changes to the venue during the closure?

The closure is mainly to support the likely transition of operational restaurant management. We’ll communicate any plans for renovations or physical changes if they become relevant.

I have feedback or suggestions for the new management. How can I share them?

Please email Regatta On The Bay: [email protected]

Will the Kiosk remain open?     

The kiosk will close at 1 pm on the same date as the restaurant, Sunday 24th of December 2023.

How do I keep updated with further changes to the Haberfield Rowers Club?

We’ll be keeping our customers updated over mail, so subscribe to our mailing list for all the latest updates.

What will happen to the staff?  

ActivateUTS is exploring opportunities within its various on-campus venues and operations. The HR team will provide guidance, discuss potential roles, and assist with the transition. Until the closure date, they remain committed to delivering an excellent experience for both members and guests across the summer season.